• Our Exceptional Teachers Love What They do Our Exceptional Teachers Love What They do
  • A Place Where Each Child Expresses Her Abilities Fully A Place Where Each Child Expresses Her Abilities Fully
  • We Strive for Balanced Development, Just Like a Loving Home We Strive for Balanced Development, Just Like a Loving Home
  • Early Foundations: Where Children's Dreams Come True Early Foundations: Where Children's Dreams Come True
  • Our Preschool Program: Ahead of its Time Our Preschool Program: Ahead of its Time
  • Child-friendly and beautiful facility with a 20, 000 square foot playground Child-friendly and beautiful facility with a 20, 000 square foot playground

Academic Daycare, Preschool & Kindergarten Programs

We provide a world-class educational and academic daycare. We also offer preschool and Kindergarten services that develop a balance of play and discipline in children. Our focus is on children’s development in academics, sports, leadership, and arts. Early Foundation’s goal is ensuring a successful transition of every child to the school environment.

Why choose us?

Daycare kids at our programs achieve real-life learning results – Early Foundations 2017-18 Learning Report.

We have a positive environment because we have experienced staff who are role models, children learn best from their surroundings.

Imagine, your child being organized, well-spoken, and eager to go to school. This is a typical outcome for children attending Early Foundations.

Providing an Academic Head Start for Children

We provide children with daily learning opportunities. Our teachers are experts at getting children engaged in learning. This develops a love of learning in children, and serves our motto: Happiness Through Learning. Our dedicated team focuses on their success. Our entire team feels positive when we make life better for families.

Children excel in Kindergarten and Grade 1 after learning at our daycare. This is often mentioned by parents who had a child attend our daycare. Good education of children in daycare increases graduation rates in University. Read about our balanced, educational Curriculum.

School Readiness in a Digital Age: More Important than Ever

Parents and children benefit not only from an academic curriculum, but also the latest in technology. Children will be expected to safely navigate the digital worlds as they grow older and move on to the school and university environment. We build an environment that creates a healthy relationship with technology.

Curriculum to build tomorrow’s leaders and global citizens

Learning about numbers, letters, writing and reading are just one part of our curriculum. Kindergarten children also being their learning in the Information and Communication Technology – ICT framework. This includes digital devices such as computers, iMacs, iPads, projectors and navigating for information on the Internet.

Leadership, public speaking and self-directed learning

Children practice regular leadership in the classroom and develop speaking ability in front of children. Our curriculum is divided into four sections. Each section covers a wide range of skills necessary for success in life and education. More details can be found here.

Excellent Early Childhood Education for Calgary Kids is Essential

As a parent, it is important to enrol your child in a Calgary daycare that provides peace of mind. This means having high safety, care and nutrition standards. Equally important is choosing a daycare that builds the skills kids need their whole lives. This means learning every day, being organized, focused and active, cleaning after themselves and making friends.

Parents appreciate our programs, but we keep improving

Our daycare, preschool Calgary and Kindergarten curriculum is the result of obtaining feedback from parents. We use parent input and also apply Early Childhood Education principles to classroom routines. For example, we ensure each child is able to learn about his or her interest. But we also teach children how to hold a pencil, start writing, and practice reading. We improve children’s English language vocabulary with new words every day.

Kids at Early Foundations Daycare Learn Good Behaviour

Parents with daycare children often want their child to have good behaviour. Inviting children to behave in a respectful and friendly manner is important to us. Our program is designed so that daycare kids feel motivated to practice good behaviour. From saying please and thank you, to learning about caring for others, we focus on building good manners. Our teachers are role models, and kids pick good habits from their surroundings.

Learn More About our World-class Curriculum

Our curriculum is child-directed and applies play-based principles. We apply age-appropriate curriculum. We invite children to learn, grow and expand their learning horizons. More details are available here.

Our Story

Our team has proudly served local and international students. We provided supplementary and general educational services since 1997, opened one of Alberta’s largest Kindergartens in 2009, and launched an accredited K-6 private school in 2011. From gifted to disabled learners, children to seniors, we have had the privilege to serve the learning goals of a wide spectrum of students. Early Foundations was built on the principles of creating a love of learning in daycare children.

Education and academic in the context of our services refers to a curriculum delivered within the frameworks of Early Childhood Accreditation Standards of Alberta and Play, Participation and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta.