• Our Exceptional Teachers Love What They do Our Exceptional Teachers Love What They do
  • A Place Where Each Child Expresses Her Abilities Fully A Place Where Each Child Expresses Her Abilities Fully
  • We Strive for Balanced Development, Just Like a Loving Home We Strive for Balanced Development, Just Like a Loving Home
  • Early Foundations: Where Children's Dreams Come True Early Foundations: Where Children's Dreams Come True
  • Our Preschool Program: Ahead of its Time Our Preschool Program: Ahead of its Time
  • Child-friendly and beautiful facility with a 20, 000 square foot playground Child-friendly and beautiful facility with a 20, 000 square foot playground

Our Daycare in Calgary, Preschool and Full Day Kindergarten

We provide family-centered service, education aligned with best practices, wholesome nutrition, and comprehensive parent communication. When a child comes on board with us, he or she will learn the valuable life skills to excel in school, evolve in healthy relationships at home and embody the value of balancing play and discipline for a life of success.

Why We are the Preferred Choice for Families

  • Our Daycare, Kindergarten, and Preschool Programs have an effective, multi-disciplinary curriculum spanning academics, sports, science, arts, and leadership.
  • The highest level of safety, security, parent-teacher communication, and nutrition.

Our Daycare Applies Early Childhood Education Principles

Our services are sought-after from Parents who value the demonstrable relationship between the highest quality Early Childhood Education and its scientifically published impact on completion rates of post-secondary education, enjoyment of life and a balanced future for children.

Parents whose child graduated from our Child Care and Preschool remark how much their child excelled in Kindergarten and Grade 1 once he or she started school. Children thrived in areas of homework completion, physical activity, and continuing development of a balanced personality.

Scientific Experts Agree: High-Quality Early Childhood Education Can Change A Child’s Entire Life Trajectory

The evidence has been mounting for decades: Programs that help children learn and grow in their earliest years can change the trajectories of their lives.

RAND researchers were among the first to demonstrate the enormous potential of early childhood interventions in the 1990s. A new report compiled research on 115 programs—and found that 102 made a clear and positive difference in young lives.

“The bottom line is this: All the different ways that we examined this issue pointed to the same conclusion,” said M. Rebecca Kilburn, a senior economist at RAND and a coauthor of the study. “What’s exciting about this is that we’re getting to the point where policymakers have a lot of evidence that well-implemented early childhood programs are a good investment.” Read more …

Our Child Care in Calgary Builds Healthy Minds and Bodies

Parents want the best possible start from daycares in Calgary, and we ensure our programs set a strong foundation for future schooling and a wholesome life. A child who has attended Early Foundations embodies a well-rounded personality, an athletic demeanor and a love of learning.

Early Foundations Calgary Zoo Field Trip – With Pictures

Which daycare, preschool or Kindergarten is the best one for my child, how do I choose?

This question has been asked by many parents. We believe the following three items set us apart from a typical daycare.

  1. Children at our programs achieve real-life results – Early Foundations 2017-18 Learning Report. With our background in operating schools in Calgary, we wholeheartedly apply our time-tested skills and set a strong Early Foundation for each child’s lifelong success.
  2. We have a positive, child-friendly environment which is made even better by a regular focus on building great mannerisms in children.
  3. Scientific evidence of significantly better social functioning, ability to concentrate and a much higher likelihood of completing University-level education by children who attended a high-quality daycare.

Excellent Early Childhood Education for Calgary Kids is Essential

As a parent, it is important to enroll your child in a Calgary daycare that provides peace of mind by having high safety, care and nutrition standards. Equally important is choosing a program that maintains an environment that results in improved momentum and motivation for school and lifelong learning success for each child.

We always get Parent-feedback and Involve them in Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Our daycare, preschool and Kindergarten curriculum is the result of obtaining extensive feedback from parents and applying Early Childhood Education principles to classroom routines. For example, we have kept the play-based method of an emergent curriculum as the basis of our program, but there is an entire Kindergarten curriculum being introduced to children on a daily basis to stimulate their mind and motivate self-directed focus and concentration.

Mannerisms: the social glue of healthy parent-child, school, and work environments

Inviting children to behave in a positive, supportive and respectful manner is very important to us. It is a priority for many parents to ensure their child does not lapse in learning the common decencies that are the cornerstones of an enjoyable life for all. We dedicate each day in building good mannerisms, saying please and thank you, and being a confident individual.

Teaching English, Math, Science, Technology, Arts and Leadership

Children start with developing their fine muscles in hands to properly hold a pencil. Then they head off to tracing, and soon begin writing numbers and letters. Our intermediate curriculum introduces children to an entire technology curriculum, which integrates and synthesizes learning done through writing by strengthening concepts of reading, writing and developing social and emotional growth to help them become successful in Kindergarten.

Our curriculum is divided into four sections, which covers a wide range of skills necessary for success in life and education. More details can be found here.

Learn more about our comprehensive curriculum, designed by us, approved by Calgary parents

Parents are invited to view more about our curriculum at the About Us page, where we list the building-blocks of a well-rounded personality that we strive to elicit in each child. For instance, we involve children in regular physical activity, which helps build stronger bodies, improves social functioning and results in better learning outcomes.

Our Story

Our team initially offered educational support services to K-12 and post-secondary students in Alberta since 1997. Then we served children and families in our Early Childhood Services – ECS program in 2009 followed by the establishment of an accredited private school in 2011. Early Foundations Child Care and Preschool is a natural outcome of putting into practice all we have learned throughout 20 years and created a service that families love and cherish for the long-term.