Healthy Habits for a Life of Success

Of all the behaviours we endeavour to ingrain in a child, one of the most important is social development. A 3-year-old preschooler entering Early Foundations has a vast array of attributes he or she has picked up from parents, siblings, relatives and the community. The experiences of this child are often steeped in cultural, linguistic and possibly religious dimensions. The first day of a preschooler in our Academy provides a new routine with a daily structure that provides an opening to new horizons. Meeting her teacher, playing with other children and spending time away from parents initially provides challenges and opportunities to pave the way for growth and learning.

Children at our Academy are treated as individuals with the same level of respect, dignity, and care as any other person deserves throughout life. This helps them become comfortable in the new environment. Over the coming days and weeks, a structured routine, such as specific times for breakfast, circle time, education, outdoor activities and catering to their unique individuality helps them on the path to self-development.

During the course of the stay at Early Foundations, it is natural for some children to display separation anxiety, emotional adjustment, and behaviours that may seem to cause concern. It is often the case that our staff, with extensive experience in early childhood education, is able to create a comfortable environment for each child. Since caring for a child is a team effort, parents, early childhood educators and Executive Director can observe behaviours in children that may require more attention.

We keep a record of every child’s daily behaviour, and have an ‘open door policy’ where anyone who participates in a child’s care can discuss whether the child is adjusting in a healthy manner to the new environment. We provide several resources, such as developmental screening, information for free and paid referrals for behaviour management, and in-home techniques so that the well being and health of each child is treated as the highest priority.

How is this helpful for social development? Early Foundations Academy’s environment is primarily social in nature, and care is provided in a group setting. Facilitating a trusting bond between teacher and children, encouraging friendship among children, and ingraining habits such as sharing, patience, respect and upholding individual interests is our primary approach to healthy social development.

Our daily Program Plan is structured in such a way that children become participants in social development, instead of recipients. For instance, encouraging playing in a group during outdoor activities improves language development, managing conflict, understanding the needs of other children and contributes to overall healthy social development.

This naturally creates a path towards happiness and success as children build a stronger emotional foundation. Recognizing the individuality of each child and providing customized opportunities for participation is a core component of our approach to social development.

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