How to Choose the Preferred Preschool for Your Child

Plato, a renowned Classical Greek philosopher, noted the importance of the best possible education in a nursery (or today’s preschool in popular vernacular) almost 2, 000 years ago. This has not changed over the course of human history since children develop their early foundations in preschool education that will not only serve them in their personal journey but will also help build better relationships with parents, relatives, friends and the community at large.

We emphasize overall education from a fourfold perspective; education and life skills, immediate and global family, physical growth and spirituality, and caring for the environment and humanity. Overemphasis on academic learning alone, without creating a direction and goal towards which the fruits of that education will provide sustenance, is not our goal. It is just as important for us to teach the ‘why’ to children as the ‘how,’ because we believe the ability to self-reflect is an essential component of education, and every person, regardless of age, is capable of improving this ability.

We educate and develop children’s minds based on caring and respecting their entire family’s unique cultural, religious, familial and national background. However, facilitating children to identify their unique identity, and to express their natural self in a safe, caring and developmentally appropriate environment is our primary raison d’etre. To create an environment where children are free to express themselves, our staff diligently and closely provides interactions and resources that will not inhibit a certain mode of thinking, or put limitations on children’s imagination.

All children at our Academy are just as important, gifted, and windows to knowledge as any other. Nurturing and inspiring the desire to express oneself, while learning skills and education that will build a strong foundation for formal education, is our most sacred goal.

Parents are invited to visit us for a tourEarly foundations social development and observe classrooms in session. At Early Foundations, we believe in happiness through learning. Our next Parent Workshop is on March 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM. Everyone is welcome, please register here for attendance (there is no cost or any obligation).

Monthly Parent Workshops

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