Journey from Child Care to Educational Success

Parents whose children attend our Academy regularly display interest in learning how we can prepare, or at least provide some support, to their child for success in schooling. Being proactive in addressing school readiness in a child shows interest on the part of the parent and something we are passionate about.

Children at the toddler age group usually display interest in shapes, patterns, the rhythm of various sounds and an affinity towards recognizing emotional states of those around them. This develops their emotional skills and we nurture those to enhance the next stage of their learning at our daycare and preschool in Calgary, which is the preschool curriculum.

Our preschool curriculum is built around themes, which are hand-picked for each month and highlight local, national and international events or dates of significance. Combining themes with an Emergent Curriculum approach, which enables a child to act as a hypothesis-testing experimenter, builds on two unique aspects of learning. The first aspect is the factual, emotional, situational or other related knowledge (who, what, where, when and how), and the second aspect builds on how reality responds to the newly acquired knowledge and its impact on the learning of children.

The Emergent Curriculum, along with various themes, enables children to become acquainted with the type of knowledge acquisition and comprehension they will be exposed to in Kindergarten and grade 1. In particular, the ability to make connections, writing, an ability and desire towards understanding language will help in the next stage of their learning. The new Kindergarten curriculum by Alberta Education and the revamping process of the entire k-12 Curriculum will benefit greatly from the Emergent Curriculum approach in this increasingly interconnected and inter-disciplinary world.

Parents are welcome to visit us to find out how we are dedicated to providing Calgary’s Top Preschool and Daycare service and how we can best serve their requirements.educational-success

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