Preschool Education and its Role in Brain Development

There has been a global movement advocating the importance of Early Childhood Education. At Early Foundations, we provide Early Childhood Education both within the daycare and preschool program. The primary difference is that the daycare program’s curriculum has more time available to master some of the skills, knowledge, and attitude that may otherwise be complemented by parental instruction. The preschool program is of a shorter duration, but is more streamlined and arranged to instill age-appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for a successful future and encouraging a play-based learning method.

The current best practices in Alberta’s Child Care Framework encourage an Emergent Curriculum approach for Early Childhood Education, which was discussed earlier in Emergent Curriculum: Play, Participation, and Possibilities. We have a unique method of incorporating an Emergent Curriculum approach, along with traditional learning such as reading and writing.

We have found that it is beneficial to individualize instruction for each child. We try to engage him or her in an idea, object, scenario, environment or interaction and invite the child to explore in greater detail the various possibilities that may emanate from such a learning moment. Furthermore, we use that interest and engagement to incorporate early literacy (letters, words, and sentences) and early numeracy (numbers and mathematics).

The social setting of each class adds a reinforcing dimension as children observe others in the learning process, and develop a sense of identity and a willingness to perform better in class. The classroom arrangement, activity and learning schedule, type of activities and projects not only invite children to learn but also facilitates their healthy brain development from an intellectual and creative perspective.

The preschool experience at Early Foundations, the Top Preschool and Daycare in Calgary, would be incomplete without a large, beautiful playground. For instance, a teacher who introduces the concept of ‘fairness’ in the classroom can let children experience and put into practice the concept of ‘fairness’ in the playground by letting others share a toy. A combination of such practical experiences in the playground and indoor activities reinforces a child’s understanding of mannerisms, and ultimately ethics.

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