Short and Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Education

There have been numerous studies over several decades that investigate the effects of Early Childhood Education on children. Many of these studies have been conducted on children from low-income families. Some of the earlier studies had found that children from low-income families gained the most advantage from Early Childhood Education, with an increase of about 8 IQ points. The effect, initially, was seen to be modest for children from higher-income families.

The studies conducted more recently have made a more nuanced discovery in their analysis. It was observed that as the level of Early Childhood Education Program’s quality rises, so does the beneficial short and long-term effects on children. However, a deeper analysis and cross-sectional review of recent studies show that that education in earlier years has minimal effect on IQ, but has a stronger effect on motivation and attention.

Given the controversy regarding the ability of an IQ test to truly capture intelligence, it may be premature to assume IQ as being the goal of Early Childhood Education. Instead, several recent books on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Group Intelligence and even Creative Intelligence add new dimensions to the evolving nature of our concept of intelligence.

A functional outcome which can measure the success of an adult in managing novelty, displaying resiliency, developing grit and a strong emotional and cognitive set-shifting ability may be a better measure of Early Childhood Education’s impact. Given the rapid advances in our understanding of the brain, it does seem that Early Childhood Education is here to stay.

The hard-to-predict result of technology adds further complication in finding an optimal delivery and planning format for Early Childhood Education.

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