The Role of an Inclusive Daycare and Preschool Program

A small percentage of children in the Preschool age group display cognitive or social development which can seem to lag behind their peers. This can continue for a few months or longer. At Early Foundations, we are a strong supporter of an inclusive approach to Early Childhood Education, and we incorporate children of varying abilities in our regular Preschool programming.

A child who seems to be delayed in social functioning, as an example, gains tremendous value from being in a classroom where he or she is felt as part of a group. This benefit goes both ways: children who are at a developmentally appropriate social level reciprocally learn to interact and form a social bond with a child who may display a delay in social functioning.

The emergent phenomenon where children of various social functioning levels come together and work through both age-directed brain development and daily interaction on a psychological level is an important element of an inclusive Preschool. Society gains as a whole when children of varying levels of functioning learn to interact and form social relationships, as this builds on basic values of caring, compassion, understanding and improved communication.

We provide and allocate resources, specialists and other techniques that ensure that the Preschool teacher has additional staff, supports, and resources that cater to a child who needs additional programming. Furthermore, the Preschool classroom gains strength from its diversity of ability and sows the seeds of a future where society integrates individuals of all abilities as an interdependent whole. If a child’s needs surpass what we can provide, we provide free referrals, advice, and resources to parents to ensure the child’s best interests are always put first.

We welcome parents to visit us for a tour of our facility and to observe the classrooms in session.

At Early Foundations Daycare and Preschool, we provide one of the best Programs tailored to children whose parents are interested in a well-balanced Early Childhood Education philosophy. We can be reached at 403-457-7787.

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