The Role of Children’s Physical Activity at Early Foundations

Everyone needs to be physically active, but ensuring children get a head-start in being active is of particular importance. Children who engage in regular physical activity develop improved gross-motor skills so that their arms and legs are stronger and agile. Also, playing a variety of sports or engaging in free play develops muscle memory and improves coordination. The benefits of physical activity are not evident just at a young age but contribute towards a love of being active throughout life.

At Early Foundations, Calgary’s top child care and preschool, we provide one of the largest green spaces to encourage free play and allow children to explore physical movement without being hindered by space limitations. The ability of children to be active varies by age and ability level. Many children attending Early Foundations have experience with movement and free play from home. But being in a group allows them to engage in activity from a social perspective and connect sports with emotional well-being. Older children, such as preschoolers, participate in physical activity that is appropriate for their developmental level.

Our staff supervises all activities in the playground and allowing children to participate in free play and introducing them to sports-type movements enhances their natural ability as active individuals. Supervised physical activity benefits children’s classroom learning as well, as children enjoy being active and bring the same level of enthusiasm and enjoyment to their in-class learning.

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