How to choose the most suitable educational day care and kindergarten for your child

How to choose the perfect daycare and kindergarten for your child? It is the question that many parents want to know more about. One of the first things parents can do is to visit the daycare‘s website and understand their care and teaching philosophy. This is important because a daycare that understands the best practises of early childhood education will naturally be much more likely to develop an excellent learning environment for children.

Given that early foundations has not only served the students of Calgary during its operation of an accredited private school but also provided educational support services to students both locally and internationally in post secondary education, this gives us a unique perspective on how to capture the ideal learning moments with the right approach for each child and the unique aptitude the teacher applies to children from different parts of the world. We are also proud of the fact that we communicate with parents on the importance of being involved in their child’s early learning process because this technique has a very high likelihood of improving learning outcomes both in the school and post secondary systems.

In conclusion, parents should ask questions unique to their situation because they are handing over of the future learning outcome of their child to a daycare.

At Early Foundations, we always provide the best service because we always get feedback from parents for constant improvement. Get in touch today!

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