Multiculturalism and a global community in a child care setting

Given the increased interconnectedness through the Internet and a diverse population in Calgary, education in multiculturalism is an essential part of Early Childhood Education. Ensuring children are given the opportunity to observe, hear and experience cultures from around the world is a fun and educational component of healthy development.

At Early Foundations, we strive to find parents and volunteers who are from different cultural backgrounds. We usually request such individuals to visit our classrooms, give a presentation to children about their culture and elaborate on items like their language, foods, weather, and music, among other things. One of the ways we accomplish this is to reverse the ‘show and tell’ activity which is a cornerstone of an engaging activity in the school system. Instead of the child elaborating on what he or she is passionate about, the parent provides background and information about what makes him or her unique, and how this contributes to how they relate to each other.

Children learn and absorb such experiences which help them understand that they are unique, yet have many values, beliefs and, interests in common. This process helps facilitate a broader world-view and, instead of just creating acceptance, paves the way to embracing the global human family. This is also helpful as children mature and develop respect and understanding for people from all cultures and backgrounds.

We try to incorporate multiculturalism and relating to people with different abilities; such as a special needs child, a child missing a limb or another feature which is incorporated as another form of a normal and healthy human expression. Our goal, with such combination, is to try and prepare children for their entrance to the school system with an open mind, and reducing the incidence of bullying, body shaming or cultural stereotyping.

Early Foundations applies its core values of caring, nurturing and innovation in everything it does, and creating a broader understanding of the global community fulfills and reinforces its core value of ‘caring.’ It further develops a child’s ability to relate to others and care for oneself and paves the way towards a caring mindset.

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