January 2019 Newsletter

Concert for preschool kids at Early Foundations

January 2019 Newsletter

Recap of December 2018

We had an amazing December month; from Academy decorations, song rehearsals to two concerts. It was a pleasure to see the children and staff engaged in brightening up the spirit of the Academy, and bringing the holiday cheer to families, friends and relatives alike.

We are grateful for the participation of parents and families. It was heartwarming to watch all our guests share the space, sitting on chairs, standing or simply huddling around a carpet which children sit on a daily basis. The good vibes of the community could truly be felt. Finally, we offered snacks and refreshments to parents, relatives, grandparents, friends and community members after each concert.

Thank you!

What’s Happening in January 2019

We are off to a great head start for January 2019. The weather is acceptable, and children are still going outdoors most days of the week. We are deeply invested in improving children’s early literacy. Our experience tells us that communication ability in children is fundamental in building the foundation for other forms of knowledge, such as Mathematics, Science or even Arts.

Feel free to ask your child about what they learned each day. Sometimes, children might forget all the new learning material of each day, so simply ask the teacher. Our goal is ensuring children are ready for success in school and grow into social and caring individuals at home and in the community.

Upcoming Events Format

We are letting parents know to watch for upcoming events on the home page near the bottom.

Special Thanks

We want to acknowledge the contributions of our entire team, great job! We could not have done it without you.

Our entire staff, management and Board is deeply appreciative of the efforts of children, and for practicing the songs and dancing to the best of their abilities. They are the real super stars of the December 21 concert.

And finally, the most sincere thanks goes to parents, grandparents, friends and relatives for making time in their busy day on a cold, slightly windy, but a lively and cheerful December evening to attend one of the most inspiring events in our Academy.

We look forward to next year’s concert!