February newsletter

Highlights of January

In January we were able to introduce several new early literacy components to improve children’s communication ability. We also received feedback from parents about the parent satisfaction survey. We are pleased to report that Parents rated us better than 90% on all areas including service, education and children’s engagement. We will always do our best each day and look forward to serving parents in our community.

February schedule and events

Parents can go to our website and scroll all the way down to see upcoming events. We are keeping the children indoors due to the extremely cold weather. Please try to dress your child in multiple layers and keep him or her warm and indoors as much as possible.

Recognizing children and staff’s contributions

We recognize and appreciate children for their achievements. Our teachers do an excellent job of enriching children’s lives, and we are grateful for their contributions. Ms. Randeep is a new addition to our program, and she was preceded by the addition Ms. Reema, both are amazing educators and nurture children in a positive environment. We welcome them to our child care family. A big thank you to all staff for their excellent contribution to children’s learning experiences.

English language vocabulary

Parents would be pleased to know that we have developed a monthly vocabulary component. This helps children achieve their goals of improving their early literacy (English). Please keep an eye on the notice boards outside the classrooms for some of children’s work related to the word of the day. Developing children’s language abilities in a variety of formats; verbal, craft, dance and play facilitates improved communication. This is an important activity for us as it ties into one of our curriculum’s goals: Education and Life Skills.

Parent Workshop

We held a parent workshop to share tips on homework completion once children enter schools, how to register in the local schools and our website link that shares the website for CBE schools in the area. Please go to the link posted below, and scroll down to Schools in NE Calgary to find a school near you https://earlyfoundations.ca/community-resources/

We would like to thank all parents for attending.