2019 March Newsletter

Previous Month’s Highlights

February was a month requiring great courage and fortitude from parents and children to brave the very cold weather. We are glad that families cooperated, and we were able to care for children appropriately given the weather limitations.

We were on track with our program delivery, involving children in learning through play and encouraging parents to be involved in their child’s day-to-day learning.

Our dedicated team of professionals has demonstrated excellence in catering to the unique needs, learning styles, and play methods of every child.

Learning Activities

Children participated in painting, drawing, and learning about shapes and colours. We have world maps in each room, which is something children always find fascinating, and learn about the various countries around the world, in an age-appropriate manner.

Birthday Celebrations

We always enjoy serving cake to children on a child’s birthday, especially when parents prefer to celebrate in our Academy among the child’s friends. It is an important day for the birthday child, and our team participates wholeheartedly in making the child feel unique, cared-for, and celebrate his growth and development.

Creative Expression

Children engaged in various formats of creative expression. Not only did children participate in dance and music, but also painted rainbows, which is particularly amazing for children in a toddler age-group.

We would like to thank our team for their dedication and love in providing care for children. Parents are also commended for looking after children during the very cold bout of winter we have had in probably two decades, we are certain it took a toll on the best of us.

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration

We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day with the children and our team. There will be decorations, St. Patrick’s day crafts, and maybe even some treats for the children.