2019 April Newsletter

Overview of March

Children celebrated St. Patrick’s day with crafts, snacks and dressed up in green on March 15. Later in the month, we had an amazing visit from our long-awaited guests. 

Calgary Public Librarybig_E40560D0-6829-47BB-AD30-E9CC9F9E268E.jpeg

We had arranged a visit with the Calgary Public Library, one of our favourite organizations, on March 29. The courteous and friendly person from the library read to our entire Kindergarten class. She also put stickers on children’s hands for attending, and all kids had a wonderful time learning about the Calgary Public Library. Children especially enjoyed story time, which we hope will build in them a desire for lifelong learning.

Outdoor learning

Children began their outdoor learning as the weather co-operated. Kids were excited to jump on the opportunity to take the slide, run in the carefree environment created in the playground by the comfortable temperature and experience the joy of movement. Naturally, this facilitates children’s improved mood, learning and sleep quality during nap time.

Parent-teacher interviews

We are thankful to our team in conducting timely, relevant, informative and helpful parent-teacher interviews. Teachers were able to produce the report cards for all children in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculum stream, and captured the various learning-oriented developmental milestones and discussed their observations with parents.

We are also thankful to the parents for attending the parent-teacher interviews. Ensuring children’s healthy development is a team effort, and we could not have done it without input from parents.

Welcome to the new families

We wish to extend a warm welcome to the new families who have joined our child care program. Also, we extend our gratitude to parents whose children graduated, went on vacation, or moved away from the City of Calgary. We will dearly remember you all, and we hope your children made beautiful memories at our child care.