Physical activity of children and families in spring and summer

As we approach the warmer weather and children and parents alike start enjoying the outdoors without their heavy winter clothing, it brings an opportunity to explore all that Calgary has to offer.

Our website has a link to the various recreation options that are available on the City of Calgary’s website. There are several walking trails, biking tracks as well as hiking areas within the city of Calgary. At Early Foundations we take children outdoors every day of the week except during inclement weather.

We try to ensure that children will take their love of physical activity home and share their experience of playing outdoors with their siblings, parents and grandparents. Parents are encouraged to spend time and engage with children in the evenings or on the weekends through physical activity, or as the schedule allows. It is truly a great way to bond with your child and simultaneously reap the benefits of a healthy life experience shared among parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends.

Building in children a love for outdoor sports such as soccer and tennis is something we thoroughly enjoy. So just like last year, we will be taking children to the well-manicured Prairie Winds Park for soccer drills, ingrain improved body movement and control, develop an injury reduction mindset and act in ways to inspire camaraderie among their peers.

We look forward to the warmer weather and we anticipate all families will also enjoy the outdoors and make the most of it, just like we do.

Parents and other care providers are actively encouraged to teach children proper and safe road crossing technique and to provide close supervision during outdoor play, cycling and other outdoor and indoor activities.

Remember, during road crossing; STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK and then cross.