2019 July Newsletter

Highlights of June

Father’s Day

Last month we were trying to decide how to celebrate Father’s Day. We finally planned to get doughnuts, muffins, and water and prepared a red-clothed table to organize the food. Since we had arranged everything on Father’s Day, we sent a group e-mail to all the parents the same day.

A pleasant mother was the first one to take a muffin, after a sheepish request to our Director. We enjoyed this display of gender priority of muffins based on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Naturally, we told the mother that the food is for everyone, and the resulting smile made us feel like the earlier rush at Tim Hortons to arrange everything was well worth it. And that was even before any of the fathers had a chance to eat.


We were pleased the food was a big hit. In the evening, we requested our junior Director in-training to attend the Public Relations campaign, whose goal was to ensure all fathers got a chance to eat the small offerings of food on Father’s Day. While secretly we also wanted to ensure all the food would finish before 6:00 PM, so that we do not feel bad about wasting food.

Some fathers were quite serious about their weight, but ate anyway. We know how hard it can be to maintain one’s waistline, so the kind gesture of keeping our heart is appreciated. Our junior Director did a great job, and we thank her very much. We also thank our Director, who dropped everything she was doing to arrange the food, put up the colourful Father’s Day posters, and send out e-mail notifications. We hope everyone got a chance to walk off the calories, as it was a warm and beautiful evening.

It goes without saying that our Director always has her hands full, so the kind gesture of looking after food arrangement was worth it. This was the first year we celebrated Father’s Day with food, and it was a great hit, albeit slightly sober compared to Mother’s Day, and we enjoyed this demeanour just as much.

Thank you to our team for also getting a chance to enjoy the food, we are always happy to see people eat and socialize.

Pizza for the Whole Child Care

We took one day to make just pizza for the whole child care for lunch. This was prompted to ensure children of various heritage can share in the cultural foods of continents or countries of Europe, Japan, Italy and other major regions. We celebrated throughout all the rooms with pizza, and we hope the little child can now feel proud of her cultural heritage and eat pizza in the same celebratory fashion as her parents, grandparents and other family members. Thank you to the parent for giving us an opportunity to bring fresh pizza to your child, and we hope the child mentioned it to you at home!


We celebrate all cultural and religious festivals equally, and in June we celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr. Children made arts and crafts related to Eid, a religious festival that celebrates one month of fasting from sunrise to sunset for about thirty days.

Events in July

Prairie Winds Park and Field Trips

We will be taking children to Prairie Winds Park, just like we do each year. This activity is for children who are in the preschool age group or older, primarily for supervision purposes. Field trips are in the process of being arranged, kindly keep an eye on the noticeboard.