2019 September Newsletter

August Highlights

August had been an amazing month for children, as they were able to enjoy the outdoors better, and also visited the Prairie Winds Park a few times. Children received introductory practice in line formation, recognizing their left and right side, and running through the line of pylons to start recognizing and practicing a sports-specific pattern of movement.

Our team participated in a team-building event at Kananaskis

Our team is very important to us, as they provide care and education to the children we wish to see become healthy members of society. One of the ways we engage our team to spend time in an informal manner is by participating in team-building activities. We drove our team to Kananaskis on a Saturday, and we had planned the timings of the trip such that all team members would be back before the evening so they can continue to enjoy the hard-earned weekend break with their family at home as well.

The weather at Kananskis was windy, cloudy, and rainy. But the weather of our moods was sunny, so it was a great balance that allowed us to enjoy our first stop to rest a little. During this time, our team and all their children enjoyed coffee courtesy of the management, and also shared home-cooked meals at the large foyer in the hotel. Some of the team members’ children were excited to view the new and expanded water slide and related activities, but we had to negotiate with the children to return with their parents at a later time.

Ensuring our team remains in an adventurous, healthy, and positive state of mind has a good result for their work ethic, which is central to the healthy and safe care of children at our child care and preschool program and general enjoyment of all stakeholders.

Welcome to our new team members

We are pleased to be able to provide work experience and practical skills learning opportunities to students or new entrants to the workforce from our external educational service providers.

The benefit of additional staff is two-fold; it allows us to remain in a beginner’s mind, so that we can continue to train new students or those gaining practical work experience, and the other benefit is that children and our existing team have another set of eyes to provide better care and nurturing to children. We welcome our new interns, we hope you all enjoy your stay with us and learn practical skills as well.

Word of the day and vocabulary building

Our team continues to introduce a new word each day in the classrooms to each student in an age-appropriate manner. Teachers complement and structure the program’s activities to ingrain the meaning of the word through singing, dancing, drawing, or using it in conversation.