2019 October Newsletter

Overview of September

We have been off to a great start in September, with both children and families pleased to resume their schooling schedule for the new academic year. We wanted to take children outdoors for the Terry Fox Run, but due to a slight delay we are planning an indoor event soon, instead. Our team feels engaging children in physical activity while reliving the importance of Terry Fox’s spirit for the betterment of humanity is an important story. A story with a theme of compassion, a healthy sense of renewal, and a message of hope. In keeping with Calgary’s tradition, we will soon plan for an important event indoors along the same theme as the Terry Fox Run.

Activities for October

Children will continue to participate in Word of The Day, with ongoing improvement in expression and ability to interact with fellow children to the best of their ability. We continue to be thankful to the parents for their cordial partnership with us in the learning and development of children under our care.

All stakeholders are respectfully reminded to keep the doors latched to prevent an unsafe exit. Doors automatically close, and leaving them open presents an opportunity for an unaccompanied departure of a child. This presents a safety hazard, and we sincerely request parents, relatives and staff to continue to observe and practice the highest level of security and safety.

General Information about our Leadership

Our child care program is led by our CEO, who sets and maintains the Vision and Mission. The Vice President reports to the CEO for stakeholder satisfaction, overall strategy, and educational improvements. The Director is the parent-facing person for day-to-day matters, who reports to the Vice President.

Searching for a Canadian-qualified and Experienced Director

We are pleased to announce that we are sourcing an experienced Director to align with industry best practices. Our goal is to ensure ongoing quality without extensive support for the Director from senior Executives, which is minimally required for those with a Canadian qualification as a Child Care Supervisor. Our leadership team plans to invest in ongoing curriculum improvement, carrying out children’s field trips, and holding  community member speaking events in children’s rooms, stakeholder meetings, and parent workshops to better serve our community. Our leadership team continues to uphold the highest standards of child care safety and quality with daily oversight of all operations undertaken by the current acting Director.

Outdoor Play for Children, Parent Input and Action Requested

We will strive to ensure children are taken outdoors each day of the year, excepting inclement weather. However, the playground is uneven and accumulates pooled water, resulting in black ice each winter. We are continuing to work with our community partners and concerned parents in addressing this matter with the landlord – Calgary Police Association. Furthermore, we have suggested to the landlord the removal of the plastic slats in the South side of the playground. The slats accumulate several feet of snow, preventing access to the playground by children, a matter that has frustrated parents, staff, and children for several years.

Physical Activity in Winter is Not Optional, but each Child’s Birth Right

Regular physical activity, year-round, has a healthy effect on children’s brain development, intelligence, emotional well-being and a positive relationship with parents, grandparents, and friends. Furthermore, it is also a core requirement of the Child Care Licensing Regulation. Children who are inactive outdoors in winter may not obtain optimal benefits of learning, sleep, growth, bonding with family, and brain development; so it is a central component of a healthy lifestyle.

Take Control of Your Children’s Healthy Future in 5 Minutes

Parents are encouraged to write or call their local MLA (Mr. Irfan Sabir) to try and obtain access to the playground in a safe and consistent manner year-round, as children’s physical activity is paramount. Our landlord, a non-profit Association called the Calgary Police Association, may be convinced with visits from the MLA, parents, or other community partners.

Parents can also visit Mr. Irfan Sabir, MLA, in-person at his office, located across Medi Plus II (green plaza or Unit 223, 4850 Westwinds Drive NE Calgary). An appointment is best, so that the parents can share their concern with seriousness and request results quickly. We also encourage parents to involve other stakeholders and community leaders to fix the playground issues efficiently, as our livelihood is not just for our benefit, but most sacredly and primarily for the children. Minimizing children’s access to the playground each winter, and unfair servicing of the grounds in summer is not ideal, and we all need to work together with all partners and the landlord – Calgary Police Association, to do what is best for the children. We are all in this together, let us make it work. Canada’s future, the children, deserve better.

Doing what is important for children takes effort, so please do not forget to call your MLA today at 403-216-5424. You may also e-mail Mr. Irfan Sabir, MLA, at calgary.mccall@assembly.ab.ca