About Us

Children are Front and Centre – Our Education Philosophy


We are an inclusive, premiere, Early Childhood Education-focused Child Care and Preschool that believes in and operates according to the Alberta Childhood Accreditation Standards.

Core Values / Guiding Principles

Caring. Innovation. Nurturing.


Early Foundations provides an environment where children are given every opportunity to shine and build on diverse life experiences for a successful future.


To become the world leader in parent choice for Early Childhood Education by applying research, innovation, and development to create a dynamic environment that naturally puts each child and family’s lifelong success first.


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Our Child Care And Preschool Philosophy

Today’s child can change tomorrow’s world. With this premise, we carry out each day, so that we can engage children to be the best they can be and successfully achieve their finest expression without any obstacles.

We believe in collaborating with parents, government agencies, staff, management and concerned community members in developing and continuously improving an evidence-based model of Early Childhood Education to provide an excellent childhood learning experience.

Our motto is Happiness Through Learning. In practice, this translates into providing environments, materials, interactions and learning resources that will maximize a child’s ability to achieve the best possible expression of herself. She will continue to retain her unique identity based on cultural, religious and family background that is important for each family.

As we carry out our philosophy each day, we welcome input from all concerned stakeholders. It is our goal and dream to approach our philosophy through a caring mindset and to contribute towards the sustainment of resilient and healthy communities. Our goals are best achieved through the continuous fulfillment of each child and family’s goals, and delighting them by delivering safe, caring and developmentally appropriate outcomes.

Our entire team’s shared vision is that our philosophy will serve children attending Early Foundations with success in all areas and stages of their lives.

Leadership model

Curriculum Outline