Features and Amenities

All kids receive daily programming suitable for their age and ability

big_E371E31A-9B9C-4D91-AE9E-11E7A51E1FBBProgramming in our Centre is divided into monthly, weekly and daily program plans. Each plan is customized for the two age groups; 18 to 35 months, and 36 months and over. The program plan follows the Emergent Curriculum methods and is built by us in-house to ensure children are receiving the best, evidence-based programming that is in use by the most advanced daycare and preschools around the world. For an example of our program plan, parents are invited to see our Monthly Newsletters page. We would love for parents to visit us for an in-depth understanding of how we are preparing children for the future while letting them have fun during the entire learning process.

An excellent outdoor play area with a physical activity curriculum

We provide a large 20,000 square foot playground that is regularly watered and maintained to the highest level. Our playground is fully fenced and children enter the playground from inside the building, ensuring their trip to and from the playground is safe. Each age group receives encouragement, facilitation and invited to explore physical movements, social interactions and become motivated to experience a large green space. In addition to traditional toys and equipment, we ensure children are always supervised by staff to maximize their social and physical development concurrently.

Children’s Health and Safety is Paramount

All team members delivering child care service have a current first aid certificate. Furthermore, we conduct monthly fire evacuation drills and have policies for inclement weather that is regularly communicated to all staff. There are specific policies, such as medication disbursement, and treating minor bruises, that are provided in the Parent Handbook. All medication is kept out of reach of children and all rooms have a first aid kit, with eye-wash and bigger first aid kits in two kitchens to ensure the highest level of daycare and preschool safety. All new staff receives an orientation about our existing health and safety policies.


Daily activity reports about children’s learning, nutrition, sleep and health

We set up all new parents on our reporting platform so that they receive a daily report in their email inbox at 6 PM every weekday. This report covers how much the children ate, how long they slept, what they learned that day and we frequently include photos of activities to show how much kids are learning and enjoying by being in our Centre. Parents can also send messages using the App for another avenue of communication.

big_CA9A0CB6-225B-45CE-8FAA-33E552DD8CAELarge and accessible on-site parking with easy access

Parents are provided dedicated parking on-site which is convenient during cold winter months, reducing the exposure of cold to children. It is easy to walk into the main entrance with just a short walk, and the premises are kept in immaculate condition for a comfortable experience for all visitors. The parking is exclusively for the daycare and preschool parents, with additional quick-drop spots for even more accessibility.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is related to delays in performing activities for a productive living. Occupational therapy is provided free of charge for children who qualify under Alberta Education’s criteria for this service. We assist in completing all required paperwork to apply for this service at no additional cost.

Our classrooms are bright, modern, child-friendly and inviting

There are several large windows surrounding each classroom, letting in ample natural sunlight to help kids grow. Children’s classrooms are divided into age groups; toddlers attend classes built for an 18-month to a 36-month-old child, and preschoolers attend classes for 36-month and older child. The benefits of age-specific classrooms are that each sink, toilet, table, and a chair is customized for the height of each age group. Each class has materials, toys, equipment and appropriate staff that maximizes the developmental potential of each child. Pictures can be viewed on the homepage.

Our facility has excellent security features

All parents who enroll in the childcare program receive a unique security pass to access the building. All doors are locked at all times. All hallways, entrances, and every classroom have high-resolution cameras. All parents are given the convenience to sign their child in or out at the main entrance on an iPad, improving user experience and improving the speed and accuracy of attendance records.

Our team members have extensive knowledge, education, and training in childcare

All of our staff members have Canadian child care experience, with several years of education in child care certification. Currently, most of our staff has Child Development Supervisor certification, which is the highest qualification for a child care worker. We conduct extensive background checks, including Police background and vulnerable sector search, and other online sources. Our hiring personnel also conduct interviews with at least two most recent employers.

Speech Therapy

We partner with various providers who specialize in assessing and treating children for speech during their stay at the daycare. The funding for this service is provided by Alberta Education, so a qualified child’s parents do not have any additional cost. Speech therapy at an appropriate time can enhance the learning experience of a child and we can process all documents at no additional cost to parents.

We have an Alberta Health certified kitchen facility with an on-site cook

Our kitchen facility is approved by Alberta Health Services and our cook has a current certificate to cook for commercial purposes. All food is bought fresh and kept in our state-of-the-art kitchen facility with commercial equipment. We observe the highest levels of hygiene and sanitization and have a commercial dishwasher certified for sanitizing to a medical grade level. There is an extensive, 6-week rotating menu which covers all 4 major food groups required by Health Canada. We serve delicious, healthy and nutritious meals and ensure children have variety when it comes to seasonal items. All daycare children receive breakfast, hot lunch and evening snacks.

Yoga, mindfulness, dance and art instruction


We are dedicated to letting children experience the creative-development side of their selves. One of the best methods that are accessible for children is doing yoga, and fine-tuning their gross and fine motor skills. Introducing children to quiet their mind a few minutes a day will also improve their ability to concentrate and aid in their learning and exploration development. Using music, and encouraging children to free play and express themselves through dancing is another great opportunity for them to become aware as active beings. Art is also introduced in a progressive manner as children improve their pencil grip, learn colour combinations and express their creative skills. These activities are being explored further and we plan to improve and streamline these activities to give a wider learning range for each child’s interest and ability.