Full day Kindergarten

Academic Kindergarten | A Well-rounded Program for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Full day Kindergarten at a glance

Full day Kindergarten
Program credentials
Licensed, accredited Yes
Team credentials
Certified staff & cook Yes
First aid trained Yes
Clear Police background Yes
Timings 7 to 6 PM
Daily breakfast Yes
Daily lunch Yes
Afternoon snack Yes
Evening snack Yes
Education and reports
Daily program plans Yes
KG and grade 1 prep Yes
Optional homework Yes
Report cards, teacher support Yes
Library, digital books Yes
Computer lab Yes
Physical activity
Indoor play Yes
Preschool studio Yes
Daily outdoor play Yes
Field trips Yes
Prairie Winds Park visits Yes
Services and standards
Fast telephone support Yes
Open door policy Yes
Monthly special events Yes
Monthly newsletter Yes

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What Parents and Children Gain from our Full-Day Kindergarten Program

We provide a full day Kindergarten program, from 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM. Our  Kindergarten Calgary program also has an extended hours option, with the addition of before and after school care from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We provide peace of mind by having your child attend the Full Day Kindergarten, 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM, take advantage of extended hours’ option, 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Our curriculum aligns with Alberta Education’s Kindergarten Program Statement, which is enhanced with elements of Reggio, Montessori big_F0ECDEBC-A182-44E9-A015-67457FE378C5and learning components for gifted childrenDaily breakfast with a delicious menu is served to all children, along with lunch and two snacks.

Regular optional homework, 3 scheduled report cards a year, and parent-teacher interviews are conducted. We teach Early Literacy (English), Early Numeracy (Mathematics), Science, Technology, Sports, Music, and Arts.

Children who attended our existing Preschool Program quickly accomplished Kindergarten-level competency as outlined by Alberta Education, and progressed to advanced topics. Parents expressed a high approval rating of our services with an over 90% satisfaction rate.

Our Full Day Kindergarten Calgary program prepares children for success.

  • Book your free tour today. Click the picture above. Book your free tour today. Click the picture above. Our Team will help you tour the facility and answer any questions.

Science, Athletics, and Arts: Full-Day Kindergarten Program

IMG_2209.JPGWe offer a Science, Athletics and Arts-based Full-Day Kindergarten Program on our beautiful, large campus at the Westwinds location. Our program is designed for families who are seeking one of the most well-balanced and relevant Kindergarten Programs the City of Calgary has to offer.

We do not merely focus on the old method of one-way instruction; children attending our program are excited explorers of the learning adventure. They are athletically minded, have a great ability to focus on completing optional homework and possess a deep appreciation for the arts, music, and drama.


Our Full-Day Kindergarten Program is built from the ground up to develop an entrepreneurial and leadership-based mindset about life. Children who can delay gratification can find happiness in the process of learning and will be some of the happiest people in their communities. Children who are able to remain physically active and have a well-balanced personality will develop the healthy relationships necessary to lead a life of success in our global society.

The Kindergarten Program is the result of over 20 years of experience in catering to the unique needs, visions, and backgrounds of a large variety of parents from all around the world. A wish many parents often expressbig_85F56FFE-FC42-4C8D-9A58-AAC4A5D6D8C2.jpeg is their dream to have their child become well-rounded in all areas of life. And we have listened.

The areas of instruction covered in the Kindergarten Program delve into core aspects of a well-balanced personality. Learning numbers, letters and refining the ability to write are just the basics children at Early Foundations do well.

Our sustained focus is to build a well-spoken individual, a child of good habits, a leader who can step up to the challenge, and a reliable follower when required. We provide each child with ample opportunity to develop an athletic mindset with daily physical activity. We never ignore a child’s sense of self, and facilitate character strength to complete grade 1 and beyond joyfully and successfully. Expression of self is not only nurtured at our Academy but also encouraged continuously.

We also focus on Character Development, which aims to invite a child to readily become a social, caring, intelligent, conscientious, world-savvy, cultured and athletic individual with a clear idea of a sense of self and respect for others.

Successful graduates of our Full-Day Kindergarten Program will have knowledge of the following areas:

  • A love of learning by making reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, and arts a fun-filled activity.big_41A56425-0DA5-447F-B854-77AE6DFF94DB.jpeg
  • Developing an outstanding character; a person who loves to contribute to society.
  • Creating a love of athletics and physical activity by reinforcing benefits for overall health. Read about our adventurous physical activity post.
  • Being excited about the adventure of learning and developing a learning-based mindset about life.
  • Elicit an innate ability to appreciate the aesthetics of arts in all its shapes and forms.
  • Learning the skills necessary for future development as a leader and an innovative thinker.
  • Book your free tour today. Click the picture above. Book your free tour today. Click the picture above. Our Team will help you tour the facility and answer any questions.