Meet Our Team

Our Service-Oriented Team Consists Of Dedicated Early Childhood Educators Who Work Diligently To Find Ways To Continuously Inspire The Best Expression Of Self In Every Child.

Parents would be pleased to know that our team cares for and nurtures each child through innovative and time-tested methods. Our team is passionate about developing a child to her full potential, a task that comes naturally to each of our staff members.

Organizational Structure

Chief Executive Officer – Ali Tariq

Programs at Early Foundations are led by Ali Tariq, who ensures an ethical and policy-driven environment that best serves the needs of children, parents, and employees.

Vice President

The Vice President reports to the CEO. The Director is responsible for day-to-day operations, and reports to the Vice President.


Ali Tariq

Stakeholder Service,  CPA, CMA, B.A. Economics, University of Calgary


My background includes operationalizing one of Calgary’s largest supplementary education institutes and one of Alberta’s largest non-profit ECS, and a K-7 private school in Calgary catering to students of diverse abilities.

I have developed numerous programs, courses, outcomes-oriented assessment tools and established multi-campus enterprise resource planning systems to maximize stakeholder satisfaction. My contributions towards learning spans from preschool-aged children to university students from the University of Calgary, Sait, and Mount Royal University. It has been a privilege developing and coaching memorable teachers, principals, tutors, accountants, child care workers, and child care directors over the course of my career in Calgary.


I am dedicated to facilitating the learning and care of children, with a goal of fostering independent thinking and building healthy communities. I find my greatest happiness in learning from others, as everyone is both a student and a teacher.

I enjoy mentoring, volunteering at the Calgary Drop-In Centre and finding ways to better serve families in my community. In my spare time, I value reading and writing prose in poetry, fishing, sky diving, video games such as Unreal Tournament, Overwatch, and Half Life. I am an avid cyclist, runner, and miss, but not too much, the downhill mountain biking days and look forward to rally racing.


I plan to provide freely available educational resources in an online portal, corresponding with the brain developmental level by age, and allowing for variation of learning styles within the same age group, for use throughout the world in schools from K – 12. I am also working on Artificial Intelligence’s effect on children’s and society’s health and how to humanly contribute to its evolution, among other valid approaches, for the future. Providing engaging and exciting work and recreation opportunities for seniors, people with mind health, or those with addictions is a passion of mine, and I plan to work towards that avenue as well. My other interests include expanding my high school’s business venture here and I am also building a hub and a centralized community for all types of video gamers in Calgary.