Preschool & Pre K

Preschool Calgary and Pre K Program

Comprehensive Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Program
Our Preschool Calgary Program is the result of 20 years of experience in providing education to children of various cultural, lingual and national backgrounds in Calgary in both a private school and additional education setting. Parents can read more details about our Curriculum here.

Preschool and Junior Kindergarten program at a glance

Program Details
Program credentials
Licensed, accredited Yes
Team credentials
Certified staff Yes
First aid trained Yes
Clear Police background Yes
Timings 8 to 10:45 AM, 11 to 1:45 PM
Education and reports
Daily program plans Yes
KG and grade 1 prep Yes
Optional homework Yes
Report cards, teacher support Yes
Library, digital books Yes
Physical activity
Indoor play Yes
Preschool studio Yes
Daily outdoor play Yes
Field trips Yes
Prairie Winds Park visits Yes
Services and standards
Fast telephone support Yes
Open door policy Yes
Monthly special events Yes
Monthly newsletter Yes

The topics we cover in our Preschool include:

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Numeracy
  • Citizenship and Identity
  • Environment and Community Awareness
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Physical Skills and Well Being
  • Creative Expression
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Parents can Also view our Other Programs Below

Daycare Program

Kindergarten Program – Full Day and Extended Hours

Early Foundations provides an evidence-based model of both Developmental and Kindergarten Program Statement-based preschool Calgary curriculum while providing opportunities for an Emergent approach to learning as indicated in Child Care Accreditation Standards in Alberta.

Social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative daycare

  1. Developmental learning includes providing access to learning experiences that develop a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and creative dimensions. Read more about our inclusive approach to education.
  2. The Emergent approach to developmental learning means a child is able to self-direct his or her interests, which the teacher can capture and build-upon so that the child becomes a co-creator of knowledge, and natural moments of learning can occur.
  3. Kindergarten Program Statement contains elements of knowledge that are the building blocks for success in Kindergarten and grade 1, serving as a strong foundation for formal schooling. This is applied to our preschool program.

Well-informed parents are now recognizing the importance of excellent childhood education to make schooling more successful. Read about the latest research here Preschool Education and its Role in Brain Development

Science and Technology Preschool Program

Academic, Arts, Science, Technology and inquiry-based Preschool Calgary Program

In addition to the core skills of early learning such as literacy and numeracy, we complement kids schedule with structured and engaging components of science, technology, music, and art. This approach builds a strong foundation for schooling as discussed here Journey from Preschool and Child Care to Educational Success.

We provide several technology components for learning such as projectors, iPads, picture books and preschool child-friendly Internet resources such as rhymes, learning materials, solar system videos, animal documentaries and more.

Homework, Report Cards and Parent-teacher interviews – Much more than a playgroup

Children will receive homework once a month in the form of booklets. Teachers will begin by teaching days of the week, weather, alphabets and letters and the homework will help strengthen these skills. Children can try to do 20 minutes of homework each day. Parents can read the Handbooks for Preschool and Pre K for more details.

One printed report card will be sent home in a semester. Preschool program parent-teacher interviews will be scheduled one week after each of the report cards are sent. There is one parent-teacher interview in a semester.

Inclusive Calgary Preschool Program

We invite children to use their natural curiosity to learn about the environment around them. Using a daily theme, we organize the early learning process while allowing natural moments of learning to occur. More details about our inclusive approach to education The Role of an Inclusive Daycare and Preschool Program.

Custom Designed Facility for Calgary Preschool

A Place Where Kids Thrive

Custom Built Classrooms
We have floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light into our state-of-the-art Academy’s preschool program. Our young students spend valuable time learning and growing in beautiful surroundings that are designed to complement and nurture their inner curiosity about the world. More details about Features and Amenities.

Washrooms and Furniture Customized for Children
Children are given an excellent Calgary preschool environment where they can use age-appropriate tables, chairs, sinks, and toilets that make their experience at our Academy comfortable and conducive to learning.

Latest Technology to Let Preschool Children Succeed

Using Information to Meet Parents’ Needs

Reading for preschool kids of various reading levels
Keycard Access and Security Cameras for preschool
Parents access our facility using a highly-secure keycard system which prevents unauthorized access at all times. Also, our hallways, each classroom, and our building’s exterior have camera surveillance to ensure all preschool kids are safe.

Daily Preschool Reports Sent via Email
Parents receive regular reports about their child’s activity at our Calgary preschool. This report includes learning, eating, sleeping, and bathroom routines. Parents can also send and receive daily messages from the staff using email, phone, and even an online app.

Active Foundations(c) Curriculum

Daily Physical Activity for Kids

Outdoor toys for preschool kids to enjoy year-round

Outdoor playground for preschool kids Calgary
One of the Largest Daycare Playgrounds for a Preschool in Calgary
We have a 20,000 square foot space with a beautiful green area that’s fenced on all sides, providing the highest level of safety and security. This ensures preschool children can play, learn, socialize and develop the social skills of good sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Active Foundations(c) Curriculum
Our preschool’s physical activity curriculum consists of a daily routine that builds gross motor skills, improves agility, and develops a sense of accomplishment in being active each and every day. Read more about how we invite children to be active every day (weather permitting) The Role of Children’s Physical Activity at Early Foundations

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